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Trail Treasure Hunt

Posted on by Future Neenah
June 29, 2022 all-day
Loop the Lake Trail
Future Neenah

The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass is hand crafting 12 unique glass orbs (see photos). Thrivent volunteers will them hide them on the Neenah portion of the trestle trail loop each Wed. for people to find while Logging their Loops – running/walking/biking. Finders Keepers! If you locate one of the glass orbs on your Trail Treasure Hunt, it’s yours to keep! 2 of these treasured orbs will be hidden each week for 6 weeks. Find and enjoy the hidden beauty of the glass and the natural beauty of the Little Lake Trestle Loop. 

  • The Museum’s 2022 Glass Arts Festival is Aug 12-13.
  • Future Neenah’s Log Your Loops 50 loop trail challenge runs Memorial Day – Labor Day.
    The Trail Treasure Hunt ties both fun community activities together!

The Trail Treasure Hunt is brought to you in partnership with:

Beth Stubing and Marcie Kimmes of Thrivent’s Apex Financial Group
The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass GLASS Arts Festival
Future Neenah’s Log Your Loops

Rules for Trail Treasure Hunt:

  • Two glass orbs will be hidden each week on Wednesdays for the 6 weeks of June 27 – August 1. 
  • If you find a glass orb, it is yours to keep as a souvenir!  Send a photo of you with your find to [email protected]
  • They will be hidden in the immediate area of the trail.
  • Watch the Future Neenah Facebook page and website for details, hunting hints and finds.
  • Respect private areas – they will only be hidden on public areas along the Neenah portion of the loop between Herb & Dolly Smith Park on Lake Street and the Water Street trail head on Doty Island.
  • You will not need to remove or disturb any items to find the glass orbs.
  • Obey all local laws.
  • Use common sense and common courtesy – be safe and smart.
  • By participating, you assume all liability and will hold harmless Future Neenah, Thrivent, the City of Neenah, Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass and all their employees, volunteers, and assignees.
  • Limit one find per household.

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