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Future Neenah is the organization Neenah looks to for the coordination of its community events.

Be a sponsor of an event! Each year, Future Neenah facilitates 8 major and well-established community events. Without the money and dedication of our sponsors these wonderful community events would not be possible.  There are varying levels of sponsorships to suit both large and small sponsors.

Future Neenah’s goal is to create and manage community events that enhance the quality of life in Neenah. These events also create a high recognition profile and a positive reputation for the Neenah Community. Management of the events is an ongoing service that Future Neenah provides.

Future Neenah’s events also provide creative marketing opportunities for sponsors, large and small. In addition to increasing visibility and building brand loyalty, you can custom fit sponsor benefits to your individual business needs.

Key Information

For detailed sponsorship information contact the Future Neenah office at 920.722.1920.