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Navigate Neenah-Menasha
Learn about the benefits of this waterfront and trails access project.



As of February 2018, we have exceeded $1 million in gifts and pledges thanks to these generous donors:
Donor List



LINK to September 30, 2015 Post-Crescent article about Community First leadership donation.
LINK to September 5, 2015 Post-Crescent article about $10,000 matching gift.
LINK to March 20, 2015 Post-Crescent Article about the project.
LINK to May 30, 2015 Post-Crescent Article about project stewardship grant funding.
LINK to June 23, 2018 Post-Crescent article about loop opening.

Loop the Little Lake Trestle Project Milestones:

March 17, 2015: In a joint council meeting both the Neenah-Menasha councils voted in support for the Loop the Lake twin trestles project. With the resolution approved, fundraising and grant writing for this exciting community vitality project began.

May 29, 2015:  The state of Wisconsin Joint Finance Committee approves $1.6 million in stewardship grant funding towards the project.

October 17, 2017: Contractor bid awarded to Pheifer for construction of 2 trestles.

June 23, 2018: Cut & Run event held to celebrate the official opening of the 2 newly completed trestle bridges and the loop.

The Loop Lower Little Lake Butte Des Morts initiative included two new trestle bridges to close the Lower Little Lake Butte Des Morts loop. The trestle project cost just over $3 million and was funded with a combination of grants, fundraising, and partnership from the municipalities. Future Neenah will continue to serve as the fundraising arm of Navigate Neenah-Menasha, a multi-year, multi-faceted initiative beyond 2018 to add amenities such as kayak launches, signage and boat/bike parking + more.

Overall Purpose of Navigate Neenah-Menasha:

  • Provide way finding points throughout our trail systems and communities.
  • Connect our trail systems to each other.
  • Provide additional water access points
  • Connect pedestrians & silent sports enthusiasts to our story of our area- it’s history, development, and environment
  • Increase traffic to our key destinations and business districts for economic sustainability
  • Promote Healthy Living.

Key Elements of Navigate Neenah-Menasha:

Increase active lifestyle opportunities for individuals & families with silent sports amenities

  • Twin Trestle Trail development/connection
  • Kayak launch
  • Kayak corral
  • Bike parking
  • Fishing Amenities

Increase Awareness
Informational kiosks & signage designed to both educate on history and environment, as well as navigate our area from our trail systems and water access points and integrate into our business community

Increase Public Access to Water
Water access in Neenah-Menasha Area is primarily privately owned.  We are a community primarily surrounded by water so increasing public access to such amenities will help drive tourism and economic vitality.

Why is Way finding Important?

  • Defining a sense of place.  Way finding serves as a tool to educate visitors on boundaries, key destinations, area history, environmental species and supports a positive experience by making navigation easy.
  • Economic growth and viability.  By easing navigation we can reinforce access to key destinations in our community and increase our economic viability for sustaining these destinations.
  • Quality of life.  To enhance our experiences within urban environments.
  • Highlighting Complimentary Destinations.  Visitors may bypass lesser known destinations such as the Octagon House, retail districts like Downtown Neenah and Menasha, areas with historic homes rich with history, and other lesser known landmarks that make up the fiber of our community.  Way finding programs seek to bring awareness that may not be included in modern technologies.
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