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Bike Parking

Posted on by Future Neenah

One of the only areas that was left untouched in our office construction process was our back patio. It is a relatively large, unused space.  So I got to thinking…what if our patio became a bike parking lot?  I see many people utilizing our trail system and biking into the Downtown to shop, stroll, or grab a bite to eat.  But I also see that the minimal amount of bike racks we have are not meeting the needs of our many bikers.  We have a wonderful spot on our property that is well lit, right next to the alleyway and near our trails that can be developed into a place that can park several bikes. I would like to see some of our community’s creativity put to use with some artistic bike racks as well. One of our goals with our Navigate Neenah Project is to increase active lifestyle opportunities.  Our work day population of 38,383 in a two mile radius and 14,861 in a one mile radius may want to enjoy the health benefits of biking to work, so why not help them do so by providing a place to park and trails to get there safely?  Does this sound like something you would like to help make happen??  To find out more about Navigate Neenah or how you could help, please call our office or visit Neenah.org/navigate-Neenah

-Amy Barker
Executive Director

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