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Humans of Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah

“Family oriented and safe”

Crystal Soderman is a staff member at Neenah’s Youth Go. Youth Go is a drop-in center, where youth in grades 5-12 can spend their time. Coincidentally, Crystal finds Youth Go to be one of her favorite places to be in Neenah. “I value the work that Youth Go does, and the work they provide me here.”

Crystal has fond memories of Neenah. “My favorite memory is probably when I moved here to live 3 years ago.” Her family moved to Neenah, because they found a house that they fell in love with. It was a character home that needed some work, but it fit their personality and lifestyle.

“Neenah is the first real community I have lived in. I moved around a lot when I was younger, and there’s a good sense of community here.” Crystal then fell in love with Neenah as a community as well. She describes Neenah as family oriented and safe.

Humans of Neenah Article by NHS Student Maggie Reagan

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