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Walking Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah

Take a stroll with us if you will. Explore Neenah on foot with the High School students of teacher Tara Meinke’s class  in the Arete program. We will be exploring the community with these students and seeing Neenah through their eyes in “Walking Neenah.”

The city of Neenah is honestly a great place to live. It has nice people, wonderful schools, and fantastic jobs. The State of Wisconsin has many different cities that are great, but Neenah has to be the best. From the beautiful weather, to the generous people, I wouldn’t want live anywhere else!

People have different views of how they see Neenah. When I think of Neenah, I think about Memorial Park.

I begin my walk with my phone, earbuds, and my mom usually comes with me. My phone for taking pictures, and my earbuds for listening to music. My mom comes along on the walk with me because she works during the day and I always have school. So we don’t have much time to spend together. I really enjoy going on a walk with my mom because that’s when we actually get to talk. I can tell her everything; she is my best friend.

Once my mom and I get to the end of my driveway, we go North on Primrose Lane toward Apple Blossom Drive. What we notice are kids playing on the playground over to the right of us at the Primrose Apartments. Our walk continues on, turning left at the first cross street onto Apple Blossom Drive then onto Tullar Road.  As we continue walking down Tullar, on the right there are houses that are different sizes and colors, but the same design. They are all older houses that are still looking good to this day. My grandma actually lives over by the High School too, and her house is one of those older ones. Near the high school is a really nice neighborhood to live in and it’s and also where I live.

Then, as we walk past Byrd Avenue, we see the High School on our left. What we see are lots of cars lined up in rows in the parking. We also notice that there are still a couple of people inside of the high school walking the halls.

Lastly, as we walk toward Gay Drive, we cross the street and now we are on the same side as the High School where we come across a parking lot between a baseball field and a soccer field which we walk through all the way until we hit Memorial Park. Right when you get to Memorial Park, you’ll notice that on the left side you have a pathway that leads to the woods portion of the park. Inside the woods, there is a path that leads lots of different directions throughout the whole woods.

When my mom and I are done walking the paths in the woods, we retrace our steps and walk back home the way we came.

-Walking Neenah Article for NHS Student Anna Boardman

walking boardman at memorial

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