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Humans of Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah


paske teacher

Mr. Rich Paske was born on March 1, 1942 in Minneapolis, Minnesota after World War ll. He grew up in a safe, fun, enjoyable neighborhood, where he played with kids his age. He attended a public school from kindergarten through his senior year. His favorite subjects in school were industrial arts and history because he excelled in them. He wanted to be an industrial arts teacher at Neenah High School, and he achieved his dream. As a teacher, his favorite part of the job was working with his students. By taking the job in Neenah, little did he know that he and his wife would establish roots that are 50 years deep and growing. He has been here so long that there used to be a movie house Downtown, Walmart was just a field, and the population of Neenah was less than 20,000. He lives by Lake Winnebago and loves the sight of lake in the morning when the sun rises and in the evening when it sets. He has witnessed the growth of Neenah, he has participated in its prosperity, and he has helped to plant the seeds of knowledge in the youth which have led to the Neenah we know today.

-Article by NHS Student Hannah Taylor


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