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Humans of Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah

greg otto



Greg Ott0-The Whole Package

Nothing worth having comes easy. This statement fits Greg Otto because he has worked hard his entire life, and pushes all the people he loves around him to reach their full potential. Now, he owns a very successful packaging company, and makes a great living for his wife and three kids. But truthfully, Greg’s personality and unselfishness is truly his greatest quality.

Fresh out of college, Greg was given a chance to work in a factory that manufactures plastic packaging for food products. He took the job because it was a stable industry. Now he has worked his way up to be the owner of Five-O Performance Packaging Inc., but obviously work isn’t all he loves to do. Greg is an avid outdoorsman who loves fishing, hunting, and camping. In fact, one of the reasons he loves and stays in Neenah is because of the easy access to Lake Winnebago for fishing.

Greg has resided in Neenah for 50 out of his 52 years. Since growing up in Wisconsin and living here for a long time, he is a very big Packer fan, and he’s one of the more interesting ones out there. He has had season tickets to the Packers for three years, and in fact grew up in the same apartment building with Max McGee, who was a wide receiver for the Packers from 1954 – 1967. He was most known for his 138 receiving yards and two touchdown performance in Super Bowl 1 in 1967. They often played catch out in front of their apartment building, and McGee often babysat him. Greg has loads of Packers merchandise in his basement from old school to new, from signed helmets to jerseys. If you are a Packer fan, Greg Otto would be a fairly interesting person for you to meet. From childhood to his early 50’s, Greg Otto has worked hard and has obviously lived his life to the fullest. Greg’s personality and just how interesting of a person he is makes him a person anyone would want to have in their life.

Article by Neenah High School Student Jared Russom


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