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Walking Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah

lighthouseKimberly Point

Breathtaking sights, waterways, trails… While I have been living here for more than half of my life, I am still surprised to find something new every day. There is so much to explore, it takes so long to go everywhere and embrace everything there is here to see.

A commonly known place in Neenah is Kimberly Point. It did gain popularity in visitation about a year ago with it being a large stop on Pokémon Go. So, for some people, it is just a place that you can catch a Snorlax, but to me it is much more. Kimberly Point borders Lake Winnebago, and that alone gives it a thousand reasons to visit in itself. The sounds of the waves gently splashing along the shores creates a constant calming effect. To add to this, there is usually a slight breeze or wind that brings you the smell of fresh air and cool lake water.

I have personally walked in this location many times at every part of the year, but by far my favorite time is right around Mother’s Day. The sky turns beautiful colors just before sunset, and when there are clouds, they radiate color. This added to all of the nature just creates such a fairytale setting. Walking from the Neenah Public Library, there are trees that rain flower petals, newly blossoming tulips, and long stretches of grass.

Every time I walk around the point, I feel connected with nature, and for a while, all of my emotions are at peace, almost like I am meditating. The combination of the fresh air, and endless nature to look at just makes it feel calming, if you are ever feeling stressed, need a place to take your kids, or want to get some exercise, Kimberly point is an amazing, calm place to go.

Article by NHS Arete Student Anna Fisher

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