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Walking Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah

This week’s ‘Walking Neenah’ takes the shape of a poem:

carpenter preserve

The Tranquil Night

Dark as the midnight Raven

Flicks of light rushing past

Wash of the night, my expression graven

My sullen gaze, unsurpassed


Muck of the surrounding terrain

Natural, Universal, Ordinary

The aroma of the earth’s dark rich veins

Familiar Atmosphere, January

Cold, Wet, Fresh

Grey shirt stuck to my chest

Slick grass, Tree flesh

Soaked foot to crest

I inhale, filling my lungs with the pure air of the night

Facing to the sky

Eyes open wide

The stars brilliance beautify

A mystical sky’s view supplied

Fresh cold air

The aroma of nothingness

This unfamiliar enticing smell ensares

My skin, becoming numb

The sky’s cool cry

Streaming down my face

Senses are magnified

Today’s worries erase

I exhale, the day’s worries are pushed out and away

Moonlight rays and raindrops

Wet from ground to tree tops

Nature’s hold and loving face

Neenah’s Carpenter Nature Reserve

My happy place

Peom by NHS Arete Student Luke Meyer

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