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Humans of Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah

A Very Neenah Hero


“The heart of Neenah that makes it pulse is the people,” according to Brian Borchardt, a teacher

at Neenah High School who works in Alternative Education. Mr. Borchardt teaches in a

program which is different from traditional learning because it is tailored to students’ needs. He

also directs the LAUNCH program which helps freshmen make the difficult transition from

middle school to Neenah High School by teaching them about social interactions and possible

career paths.

Mr. Borchardt was born and raised in Milwaukee but fell in love with Neenah’s small town

charm when he moved here 24 years ago. He feels Neenah is very safe and loves the idea of

raising kids in a community that cares so much. One of his favorite things about Neenah is the

strong infrastructure of support found in programs such as YouthGo and Brigade. A

community event he looks forward to is the live mannequins, caroling, and marshmallow

roasting at “A Very Neenah Christmas,” held on the sidewalks, streets, shops and restaurants of

downtown Neenah the first weekend in December every year.

Mr. Borchardt fosters the community connections that make Neenah so great by linking students

with people in the community, whether as mentors or guest speakers. “I like building

relationships with people, I think people come through our lives and it’s so easy to just kinda

keep our head down, but it’s pretty awesome to meet so many different people.”

Like many other successful people, he recognizes the importance of reflection in the face of life

events, “Who I am is made out of many mistakes and a lot of faults.” Mr. Borchard believes it’s

important to be able to recognize the people who have inspired you. He’s inspired by his father,

fellow teachers, wife and those “like Mother Teresa who have given themselves to help others.”

Mr. Borchardt is an everyday hero who cares about kids and cares about people.

– Written by NHS Arete Student Amanda Zachow

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