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Humans Of Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah

Magnanimous Musician

mae te tai 2“We all have a little bit of musician, poet and crazy person in
ourselves.” Mae Te Tai loves this saying, and it captures her joie de vivre.
Mae, a sophomore at Neenah High School, is a remarkably talented
musician, taking a part in many music programs including Act II, an award
winning competitive show choir. She is a Launch leader, harnessing her
kindness and friendship to guide freshman at the dawn of their high school
career, allowing them to delve into the plethora of options at NHS. The high
school has given Mae many possibilities in activities, especially music, in
which her social strengths are honed. Between traveling with the Act II show
choir, or going to perform at basketball games. When she isn’t playing. she
is displaying her gregariousness.

As a lifelong resident of Neenah, she values her time downtown, where
the charming shops, restaurants, and the public library make for a delightful
combination on the river’s edge. The small town of Neenah has impacted
Mae, as she feels she knows people better and can impact the community
more. Mae has found chances to be involved in everything she can, and has
leveraged her friendliness with her musical talent. She wants her legacy to
include friendliness, musicality, and honesty. When reflecting on her lifetime
in Neenah, Mae expressed “I guess I don’t like the weather, but I don’t want
to leave the high school.”

-Author: NHS Arete Student Josh Frank

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