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Humans of Neenah

Posted on by Future Neenah

Michael Kading

Memory Maker

 “We help folks to create memories, to play and a have good quality of life throughout the City of

Neenah,” says Michael Kading, the Neenah Parks and Recreation director.

A main function of his job is to direct the building and remodeling of the parks in the Neenah area, one

of which, Washington Park, is currently being remodeled in four stages. The first stage was installing the

basketball hoops, removing the tennis courts, repairing the parking lot, and expanding the ice skating

area. The second stage, to be completed by 2019, is to develop the trails more throughout the park.

The memories he helps create don’t directly come from him, but from making the park more

appealing so more people visit the parks with family and loved ones. If you have grown up in the

Neenah area then you most likely have a fond memory of being at one of the local parks now under his


One of his most rewarding experiences was “being involved with the Trestle Trail project and

bringing the two communities together and creating the Trestle Trail Community.”

While Michael enjoys working on the local parks, he also enjoys other outdoor activities like

backpacking, water skiing, snow skiing, and other outdoor sports. Additionally, he has been coaching

speed skating in Green Bay for 25 years.

Mr. Kading worked in The Village of Fox Crossing for 13 years before he began his tenure with the

Neenah Park and Recreation 2 years ago. One his greatest successes in life was recreating

Town of Menasha’s Park and Recreation system and the local parks and he looks forward to doing

the same for Neenah.

Michael Kading really does love his job and everything that goes along with it. He truly makes memories.

By NHS Arete Student Catherine Fuerstenberg


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